2 min readMar 15, 2021


The device which is employed to form the WiFi coverage strong by sitting in between the wireless router and therefore the area where you would like full network signals is named WiFi extender. Your router is connected either wirelessly or through a wired connection.

First of all, mywifiext may be a web address and term used for brand spanking new extender setup. the web connection is formed between your internet-connected device and therefore the router.

Mywifiext may be a local web address owned and operated by Netgear. This web address aims to permit the users of Netgear WiFi extenders to access settings and found out their extender. This web address is curated with a user-friendly interface to endow maximum control to the user with minimum efforts. setup is compatible with most browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, etc. the sole thing to be done by the customer is to attach the extender with a router, open a browser, launch, and log in using preset credentials. the remainder is straightforward to follow using the great on-screen prompts displayed for the user’s benefit.

Then the WiFi range extender grabs the prevailing signal. All this takes place on

After that, the prevailing signal is re-broadcasted on different channels from its position from mywifiext .

Note:- confirm your WiFi extender should be on the brink of the router.So that it can grab the signals but far enough away in order that it can re-broadcast that signal to the space or area where you would like stronger home WiFi.